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Trees Lexington! is always working towards meaningful growth.  We do this by developing and executing projects that aim to incorporate trees and their value into various community interests.  These projects are all  funded by local and national grants, sponsorships, and community donations.

Seasonal Tree Giveaways

Trees Lexington has a primary goal of empowering residents to plant and care for trees on private property. We do this by providing free container trees to the Lexington community and expert-level guidance on tree placement, installation, and care.


We offer a tree giveaway each spring and fall, coinciding with Lexington's ideal planting seasons. In 2023, our giveaways distributed 700+ trees to Lexington residents! We hope to increase the number of trees we give away each year.

Our next giveaway will take place in October, 2024.  Find all the details here!

Tree Stewards Program

Our path to a vibrant, sustainable urban forest is best journeyed with fellow community members. Trees Lexington has developed a hands-on educational program to train local Tree Stewards on the value and care of trees in Lexington.

By becoming a Tree Steward, you become equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a leader in your neighborhood and community projects connected to the enhancement of our urban forest.

Trees Lexington is currently in the process of selecting dates for our next Tree Stewards training. There is a waitlist form for community members interested in being notified when dates are announced.

Neighborhood Tree Plantings

Trees Lexington is a great partner for neighborhood-level tree planting projects. We offer assistance in project planning and implementation, as well as educational resources on tree care after the planting. Models for collaboration are currently determined on a project-by-project basis and based on available funds.


If you are interested in working with Trees Lexington for your neighborhood tree planting, check out our page with information on collaboration and fill out the form linked there. We look forward to working with you!

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