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Tree Stewards Workshops


Want to learn how to properly plant and care for young trees? Become a Trees Lexington Tree Steward, and learn best practices for tree care by our renowned certified arborists. 

Our program is rolled into our regular events. Join us when you're able and check off the requirements at your own pace. We want to educate and inspire YOU to help grow and nurture Lexington's tree canopy with us.

To achieve Level I Tree Steward status, participants will have completed one (1) workshop each of planting, mulching, pruning, and tree identification. Watch for Tree Walks on our calendar to finish out the tree identification requirement, as some is achieved organically in the other workshops. 


Course content includes at-home reading and videos along with in-person sessions designed by ISA Certified Arborists. In-person sessions will take place for 2-3 hours each, and are credited on completion according to your schedule. 

Who can participate? Anyone! Participating minors must have their waiver completed by a parent or guardian, who must also remain onsite during the workshop.

Ready for Level II? Details are coming soon! There is so much to learn about trees, and we'll offer advanced level workshops designed to continue your learning and experience as a Trees Lexington Tree Steward.


As you work through the different levels of Tree Steward Training, your accrued hours will earn you Trees Lexington gear, tools, and more. Come join our team and help us create community of stewardship throughout Lexington's urban forest. 

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