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East Grove at Shropshire Circle

In May of 2022, Trees Lexington! worked with local groups and East End neighbors to plant and celebrate 27 beautiful native trees in honor of the Equestrian View neighborhood, William Wells Brown Elementary School students and staff, and the larger East End area. 


This new grove of trees, formally named the “East Grove at Shropshire” by District 1 Councilmember James Brown, symbolizes the strength, beauty, and resourcefulness of this deeply rooted community.


Catalyzed by a generous donation from Harry and Betty Hall in March 2021, this project has bloomed from the hearts of all those involved, who have engaged in collaborative and cooperative support every step of the way.


As the trees grow, they may serve as a place for creativity, knowledge, unity, or peace. Each person has a unique connection to nature that is all their own. We hope this space encourages each of these unique connections to be strengthened and freely celebrated!

Check out upcoming events to help our community foster the East Grove below or on our Events page.

Phase I - 20 Trees Installed by Klausing Group 
  • During Phase I of this project, members of local landscaping company, Klausing Group, assisted with the planting of 20 of the 27 trees to help the Phase II planting and celebration be more feasible.

Phase II - East Grove Tree Planting and Celebration 
  • On May 21, 2022, Trees Lexington!, community partners, and East End neighbors joined together for a tree planting and celebration. Together, we planted and mulched the remaining 7 trees to grow and thrive in this space.

Phase III - Maintaining and Enhancing the East Grove
  • Trees Lexington is collaborating with the City of Lexington to provide continued maintenance and care for each of the trees planted. We plan to have multiple opportunities for neighbors and the community to join in for mulching events, tree walks, and other tree-related fun in the East Grove.

The East Grove Planting Plan

The landscape design for this project was developed by Trees Lexington! President Stacy Borden and drawn by Landscape Designer Jeongok Park. The tree plan is inspired by the vigor, diversity, and resilience of the area. Each tree's contributions to the health, well-being, and beauty of both the neighborhood and the natural ecosystem intend to mirror the culture of deeply-rooted dedication and support shown within the neighborhood.

East Grove Planting Plan.png

Meet the Species

Click through each species to learn a bit about what trees you now see in the new East Grove:

Swamp White Oak
Tulip Poplar
Bur Oak
Sugar Maple
American Hornbeam
Chinquapin Oak

Support for This Project

A large thank you to the following groups for providing support and services to make this project possible...

Harry and Betty Hall for providing a generous donation to jumpstart this community-centered project and for supporting the growth of Lexington's tree canopy.

Klausing Group for providing planting and digging support through the company's 10% for the Community program as well as smart landscaping  information and resources for the community.

Klausing 10 percent logo.png
Klausing Logo.png

Stacy Borden and Jeongok Park for contributing time and expertise to the tree selection and landscape design for the East Grove at Shropshire Circle.

Councilmember James Brown and team for providing tremendous support and resources to provide food and local music for this neighborhood celebration.


Jill Wilson and the William Wells Brown Community Center for support in marketing this celebration and providing resources for family fun and activities.


Principal Ebony Hutchinson and William Wells Brown Elementary School Staff for connecting this project to students and future learning opportunities.


Pastor Justin Rhorer from Restoration Church at the Lyric for providing a blessing over the East Grove.

Devine Carama, Director of One Lexington, poet and community leader for sharing beautiful words during this event.

Thomas Tolliver, William Wells Brown Neighborhood member and advocate, for providing consistent support during the planning and implementation of this project. 

Billie Mallory, Executive Director of the East End Development Corporation, for assisting with outreach and supplies for the planting and celebration.

Gerald Young, neighbor, volunteer, and leader of the youth outreach program Real Talk, for his time and dedication since the early phases of the project, his interest learning and loving trees, and his commitment to children's safety in Lexington.

DJ Stookey, for showcasing his musical talents by providing awesome entertainment to keep us all inspired to keep planting, mulching, and dancing!

The City of Lexington Division of Environmental Services and Division of Traffic Engineering, for their guidance and permission to plant and manage 27 beautiful trees into this city-owned median.

East End and Equestrian View neighbors for sharing in this celebration of the neighborhood's history and legacy into the future.

Lexington Fire Department and Lexington Police Department for providing entertainment for children participating in the days events.

To all who provided letters of support and enthusiasm for this planting and celebration.

"Every part of a tree works together. From the deepest roots that burrow through the earth to the smallest leaf on the highest branch, every part of a tree is working hard to help it survive."

-The Magic and Mystery of Trees 

by Claire McElfatrick and Jen Green

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