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Sponsor Trees Lexington's 
Fall 2024 Tree Giveaway

Adopt a tree at our giveaway! 

Our giveaways offer one (1) tree per address/one (1) tree per person to be planted on private property. Please determine more than one species that would suit your site conditions, as we anticipate limited quantities of several species. We're excited to share  hundreds of Kentucky native trees with the Lexington community! 

  • Tree adopters must agree to plant the tree on private property in Lexington. Private property makes up over 70% of plantable space in Lexington. A tree can be adopted and planted on residential, commercial, school or church/place of worship properties. Please only plant trees where you are authorized to do so. 

  • Consider your site conditions so our arborists can ensure you choose the right tree for the right place. 

  • One tree per address, one tree per person. 

  • There is no cost to adopting a tree. This giveaway is funded by donors who believe in making the benefits of trees available to all of Lexington.

  • Please commit to weekly watering at a minimum equivalent to 1" of rain (10 gallons) each week. 

  • Mulch your tree to help retain moisture around the growing roots, and to protect the trunk from mower or string trimmer damage. We strongly recommend using arborist wood chips for mulching your tree. 

  • Watch for follow-up surveys and participate. This information helps us collect useful data about tree survival rates, and when the trees we've provided would be factored in to tree canopy data for Lexington.


Previous sponsors include: 

Give the gift of a flourishing tree canopy to Lexington residents! Sponsorship of our most popular event provides trees to hundreds of addresses and promotes your business, organization, or foundation to thousands of people. 

Thank you to Greyline Station for providing the space for community events like our Tree Giveaways! 

Scroll through our LookBook to see some of the tree species we've distributed in the past!

Photos from Spring 2024 Giveaway

© Sally Lambert-Warfield

Things to note:

  • Trees are available to residents of Lexington/Fayette County and must be planted on private property in Lexington/Fayette County

  • One (1) tree per address

  • Trees/species are in limited supply and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

  • All trees will be in two (2) or three (3) gallon containers with potting soil. We recommend bringing a towel or tarp to set under trees if transporting inside your vehicle.

  • Trees need both love and care, especially in the first few years of their establishment. Receiving one of these trees means you commit to keeping it watered (10 gallons/week or 1 inch of rainfall), mulched, and fertilized (if needed). We are available to help with questions related to tree care as they grow!

  • Due to street tree species requirements set by the City of Lexington, we advise you to apply now for a permit with "acceptable species" indicated where prompted for species information. We suggest choosing 3 street tree friendly species you'd be happy with since our giveaway is first come, first served.


We recommend most of these trees for open front and/or back yards. Understory trees may require shade from an existing canopy tree.


Some trees are acceptable species for street trees, and require a permit from LFUCG's Urban Forester before planting. The process is simple! Browse the acceptable species and apply for a permit today!

Planting your new tree is easy-treezy with
our planting guide!

TL_Tree Planting Instructions_Giveaway.PNG
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