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Trees in Tribute

Our Trees In Tribute Program facilitates the planting of memorial trees in Lexington's city parks and on private property.


Trees In Tribute are planted to commemorate significant and meaningful moments in life; in celebration of milestones, recognition of achievements, and as a living monument in remembrance of departed loved ones. 

Planting these trees in our parks enhances the beauty and health of our community while also providing a public space for reflection and remembrance.

After we receive your request, a Trees Lexington representative will contact you to gather more information and begin planning your Trees In Tribute planting. If you are seeking a planting site in one of Lexington’s parks, we will coordinate with Parks & Recreation officials on your behalf. 


The cost for installing a landscape sized 2-inch caliper tree is five hundred dollars.

Trees In Tribute Request Form
This tree is planted:
What To Expect
  • Complete an online Trees In Tribute Request Form.

  • Trees Lexington will contact you for an initial consultation regarding preferred planting site and tree species.

  • An on-site meeting may be scheduled with Lexington Parks & Recreation and Trees Lexington representatives.

  • Payment for tree installation is remitted to Trees Lexington.

  • Installation is scheduled and the tree is ordered. 

  • A letter of acknowledgement is sent to the donor.

  • In spring or fall, the tree is planted, mulched, and given its initial watering by Trees Lexington representatives, the donor, and invited participants.

Memorial Trees are guaranteed for one year.  If the tree does not survive its first year after installation, it will be replaced at no additional cost.  Trees Lexington will monitor the health of the tree during the first year and provide care as needed.

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