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Donate to Trees Lexington
for a happier, healthier, and cooler community

We envision a flourishing tree canopy for all of Lexington, and your contribution moves us closer to our vision becoming reality. Your donation to Trees Lexington provides direct support for our programs and tree planting projects, and is tax-deductible.

What We Do:
•Distribute hundreds of trees with supporting education during our popular tree giveaways
•Plant and maintain trees in low canopy areas
•Share Pocket Nurseries, our signature tree fostering program
•Train Tree Steward Volunteers with education and experience of proper tree planting and maintenance techniques
•Install memorial trees through our Trees In Tribute program


What We Need:
The continued support of our current programs is essential to our growth and the impact we make in our community. The demand for services provided by Trees Lexington has grown rapidly in recent years as residents have come to understand the importance of our urban forest as critical infrastructure. To meet this need, our goals include increasing our staff, expanding our equipment inventory, and creating a home base for an office, training center, and a small scale tree nursery. 

Other Giving Opportunities
Community Fundraisers
Watch our newsletter and social media for announcements about our participation in community fundraising events. 
Facebook Fundraiser
 Consider hosting a Facebook fundraiser for Trees Lexington! Great for milestones such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or other events.
Kroger Community Rewards
Link your Kroger Plus card with Trees Lexington (code RG749) and Kroger will donate a percentage of your purchases to our organization.

Thank you to our Tree-mendous Donors

Chinquapin Oak
$1,500 - $4,999


Nancy Barnett & Michael Potapov

Fayette County Conservation District

Klausing Group

Maureen Peters & Joe Turley

The Mulhollem Cravens Foundation

Blue Ash
$500 - $1,499

Jean Cecil & William Foster

Crutcher Family Foundation

Kim Edwards

Noa Gimelli

Gresham Smith

Lisa Kelly

Kelly Nursery

Cathy & Lon Oyster

Greg Warfield

Kingnut Hickory
$250 - $499

Sherri & Jed Bullard

Michelle Hollingshead

Rosalie Imbriglio

Dave Leonard

Terry Lynn McCarty

Moosnick-Schatzki Fund

Graham Pohl

Paula & Dave Sevigny

United Landscape

Shumard Oak
$100 - $249


Adkins Family Foundation

Shevawn Akers

James Albisetti

Mary Arthur

Diane Atchison

Carolyn Barbera

Debbie Boian

Contour Collaborative

Belinda Tarpley-Sottung & J.     Douglas Burnham

Anita Courtney

Sarah Lynn Cunningham

Susan Daole & Joe Miller

Gregory M Doyle

Elizabeth Freeman

Debra Hensley

David Jay


Cindy & Carl Leonard

Phyllis MacAdam

Jack Matthews

Lynda Matusek

Guy Meilleur

Victoria & Lee Meyer

Wendy & Daniel Roland

Marilyn Robie & Arthur             Shechet

Trent Skillman

Sally Warfield

West Sixth Brewing

Tulip Poplar
$25 - $99


Susan Abbott-Jamieson

Kera Ackerman

Cheryl Anderson

Robin Atwell

Sally Baker

Tee Bergman

Alexa L. Borden

Marisa Campbell

Danby Carter

Karen Chreene

Samantha Clark

Patricia Cooper

Grace Coy

Gregory Davis

Cindy Derer

Brian Dineen

Jessica Dobbins

Christine Donahoe

Barry Duncil

Aimee Eden

David Elbon

Pace Cooke Emmons

Jana Faith

Tom Fitzgerald

Chris Fitzpatrick

Jill Gookin

Sybil Gotsch

DG Gridley

Mary Beth Griffith

Blake Hall

Betty & Stan Harvey

Hannah Helm

Marty Henton

Diane Hesley

Sara Hesley

Wesley Holbrook

Marcia Hopkins

Bruce Hutcheson

Michael Johnathon

Cliff Kaye

Kelly Kennoy

Mark Kleckner

Evelyn Knight

Barbara Langley

Carri Lyda Lucier

Mary McKenna

Amy Meyer

Kay Michael

Freddie L. Mills

David Miracle

Janet Mullins

Bobbie Newman

Pam Padgett

N. Gregory Pettit

Judith Prats

Toni Reiss & Marc Plavin

Rona Roberts

Heather Rothfuss

Lynda Ryley

Lisa Satin

Ann Staton

Amy Steele

Evan Taylor

Colette Tebeau

Wayne Waddell

Chloe Warfield

Betty Webb

Mary P. Wheeler

Melissa Wilson

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