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Eveline Dungan

Board Secretary

Eveline Dungan is a German emigrant, now living in Lexington, Kentucky. She immigrated with her family 25 years ago to Cape Coral, Florida. Eveline started as a new member of Trees Lexington! in June 2021. She considers herself a passionate tree advocate, sharing her passion on why trees are vital to our com-munities with others. Before joining Trees Lexington!, Eveline volunteered with several  of Trees Lexington! tree-planting and mulch- ing events, and spends time volunteering

with Friends of Wolf Run; helping with creek clean ups and tree plantings. In her professional life, she serves as an active member of the Energy & Environmental Sustainability Committee, including ongoing volunteer events for trash collection along the Kentucky and Ohio River with Living Lands & Waters. Eveline is passionate about saving the tree canopy. She feels that joining Trees Lexington! is her way of making positive changes in the world, one tree at a time. She now spends her days inspiring individuals to join the fight to save trees and to share awareness of the importance trees have in communities.

Eveline Dungan
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