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KU Lansdowne Drive Tree Removal Update

The tree removal and pruning for the Lansdowne Drive section of the transmission powerlines is scheduled to start May or June 2021. Most of the trees in the median under the transmission powerlines will be removed. A few mature trees that are less than 15 feet tall might not be removed. We are currently having a conversation with LFUCG Parks about moving some small healthy trees in the median of Lansdowne Drive to Lansdowne-Merrick Park. In the near future there will be further discussion about the KU transmission powerlines running through Lansdowne-Merrick Park. We do know that the right of way through the park is 100 feet, 50 feet on each side from the powerline support. If you know anyone who will be affected by this, please have them call KU to meet with one of their representatives.

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